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Root Canal Treatment

The goal of root canal treatment is to save a tooth that might otherwise require extraction. Root canals are recommended or required when there is an infection in the tooth resulting from decay, fractured tooth, cracked tooth syndrome, or dead nerves. It is the procedure of cleaning out deeply decayed or infected tissue from inside the tooth followed by filling of the canals that remains once the tissue is cleaned out. Treatment usually requires one visit but may require more visits depending on the condition and complexity of your tooth. Local anesthetic will be used digital x-rays will be taken.


Root canal treated teeth must be protected. During and after treatment, your tooth in most instances will have only a temporary filling. The temporary filling will need to be replaced with permanent filling build-up. Most teeth will also require a crown to ensure a good seal. The tooth may also need a post prior to being crowned. Failure to have the tooth properly restored in a timely manner significantly increases the possibility of failure of the root canal procedure or tooth fracture.

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